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About Bali

Bali is one of thousands of islands constituting the Indonesian Archipelago that has long been renowned as an eminent tourist destination in the South Pacific or even in the World. Many names have been given to this beautiful island, like, 'The Last Paradise on Earth', 'Morning of the World', 'The Island of the Gods', as well as many other names.

The island covers 5,632,86 square kilometres, consisting of mountain ranges stretching from the West tip to Mt. Agung in the East, considered as the holiest by the Balinese, being the highest peak.

The volcanic range divides the island into two parts of plain which are constantly cultivated with rice as the staple crop. About 70% of the whole island is agricultural ground, while another 22% consists of forests and the remaining 8% is left uncultivated. It has for centuries lured visitors from various countries with its exotic and vibrant culture, natural scenic beauty, and friendly smiles of the people.

The stronghold of their traditions and beliefs based on Hinduism, has dotted the island with ancient remains, ornately sculptured temples or holy places and this is most likely the main factor in keeping away any negative outside influence.

To the wide variety of landscapes and marvellous panoramas, the Balinese add their colourful festivals, ritual ceremonies, traditional music and dances and it is no wonder that tourism plays a significant role as a source of income within the national economic development.

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